Roger Clarke Interfaith role


undefinedOur Diocesan Interfaith Advisor, the Revd Roger Clarke, has begun in his new role. His work will involve him going out into communities across our diocese in the months ahead.

Interfaith work has become an increasingly important part of Christian ministry as Britain has developed into a more ethnically and religiously mixed country.

Roger has been Vicar of Hale Barns (Altrincham) for the past four years. Before that he was Rector of St Bridget’s, West Kirby, Wirral.

Roger will continue his parish ministry in Hale Barns as he develops his work as Diocesan Interfaith Advisor as part of the Diocesan Committee for Social Responsibility team. He has personal and ministerial experience of interfaith contact. About a third of the population in his current parish are either Jewish or Muslim. There are two local synagogues and a mosque nearby.

In Hale Barns Roger and his team have: been building good relationships with other faith communities; visiting each other’s places of worship; observing the different forms of prayer; and having shared group social events and meals.

Church members in Hale Barns have also been learning in home groups about how Christians relate to other faiths and how they can talk about their faith to others.

As Diocesan Interfaith Advisor he will …

• Find out what is already happening around the diocese regarding interfaith issues
• Develop a network of people with experience in the field
• Provide literature and training about Christianity’s relationship to other faiths
• Encourage local Christians to build good relationships with other people of faith
• Build good communications through interfaith links

Roger, 56, said: “I’m very pleased to be taking up this new ministry and I’m looking forward to hearing people’s stories, walking with them, and exploring how as Christians we relate to other people of faith. I’d be grateful for people’s prayers.

“At a time of international tension it is all the more important that we talk to and befriend each other. It’s also important to be seen to be doing that.”

Roger is keen that parishes who wish to explore interfaith work should contact him ... 0161 980 8944