Lostock Gralam Christmas Tree Festival


undefinedThis parish, near Northwich, will hold a Christmas tree festival on Saturday and Sunday, 12 and 13 December, and will have as its inspiration the children's story The Selfish Giant. Decorated trees and painted panels will illustrate the story of the giant who banned children from his garden turning it in to constant winter. They'll also see featured the return of spring and colour � an analogy to the Christ child.

See the spectacle on the Saturday (10am to 4pm) or the Sunday (noon to 5pm) at St John’s church in Station Road, Lostock Gralam, near Northwich, CW9 7PS.

Light refreshments will be available in the church hall. Admission is free – all donations will be used to support the local children’s charity.

St John’s church ‘Selfish Giant’ themed Christmas Tree festival is helping The Joshua Tree to raise funds so that it can ‘create a fit for purpose Support Centre and Holiday House to provide families with much needed time together away from the stress, isolation and side-effects that the regime of cancer treatment and confinement of hospitals can bring'.


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