Join together in prayer


Cross and Candles
The Bishop of Birkenhead offers this prayer...
Our loving God and Father, we praise you today that our Lord Jesus Christ is ascended into heaven and that all authority in heaven and earth belongs to Him.
We praise you for the age that is to come and has already begun and we pray your kingdom’s reign may be known in our lives today.
We pray for the people of the city of Manchester, for all who mourn and grieve and are suffering in any way. We thank you for all who exercise authority for the prevention of evil and the bringing of healing.
Fill us by your Holy Spirit and keep us looking to those things that are above. Keep us hopeful and faithful in the face of sin, evil and death.
Keep us remembering your cross and resurrection and the gift of your Spirit. Empower us to make disciples of all peoples and remember that you are with us always to the end.

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