How one parish is waging peace on Putin

Congregations in the parish of Stockton Heath are waging peace on Putin by sending letters directly to him at the Kremlin. 

This simple act is the idea of the parish Treasurer, Sue Burke, who is encouraging others to do the same in what she hopes will grow to be an "avalanche" of letters sent from ordinary British citizens to the Russian President. 

Sue admits that it is unlikely President Putin will ever read the letters but that "ordinary Russian people will see them and handle them".


Ukraine: How can we help?

Officers based at Church House have created some resources and guidance for those who are considering how they can help. Separate and specific guidance for clergy living in clergy housing and wanting to offer lodging to refugees has also been created. Find out more


She says: "No, President Putin will probably never read them, but ordinary Russian people like you and me will see them, will handle them en route, and will see the Ukrainian heart-shaped flag on the envelope with the words 'I stand with Ukraine.'"

For Sue, she admits to feeling helpless at times in the face of the daily news updates from Ukraine, but by praying and talking it through with others, the congregations of Stockton Heath are now embracing this simple act of love. She says: "It was only by continual prodding and my eventually voicing this with others that this has developed, and our congregations are embracing it. We are all trying to share this with everyone we know."

Churches across the Diocese of Chester have already been responding generously and compassionately to the situation in Ukraine and every person's situation and capacity to help and respond to the situation in Ukraine will be different, but writing a letter is something we could all do.

Sue has created a flyer that includes some helpful "ground rules" to help others write their letter. You can view it here. Is this something you could encourage your congregation to do? 

Watch Sue from Stockton Heath recite her letter to President Putin.

Join an online meeting to learn about responding to the refugee crisis

A zoom meeting for anyone who is wanting to sponsor, support, or welcome refugees into their churches, especially in the light of the crisis in Ukraine, will take place on Wednesday 20 April at 7pm. Book your place now. There will be lots of information provided to you and it will be an opportunity to connect up with others who share your concerns.

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