'How I Came to Faith' - Mike Holt

In this story of 'How I Came to Faith', we hear from Mike Holt. He recalls the very moment when Jesus Christ became real to him while watching a black and white TV in his bedroom.

Mike is a parishioner at St George's in Poynton. His transition to becoming a Christian happened when Mike was 23 years old and suffering from glandular fever. He recalls that around Easter time in 1985, he became quite frightened of dying and all he could see in his room was darkness, There was a small black and white TV in his room and he felt compelled to turn it on. A church service was being aired and at that moment "I just sensed that Jesus Christ became real to me."

In the days that followed, Mike committed himself more and more to Jesus and told a Christian friend of his, Barry, what had happened. Barry responded, "Well that's no surprise because I've been praying for you for seven years."

Since then Mike has followed the road to discipleship. In recent years Mike has completed a Foundations for Ministry Course and is currently studying to become a Reader.

You can view Mike's account of how he came to faith in the video below. 

For more information on Foundations for Ministry or becoming a Reader please contact our Ministry Department.

Jane Hood: Executive Administrator CfM Team
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