Grange School Runcorn Life outreach May 2014


undefinedThere was cage football, team-building, music, food and sharing of our faith values going on among young people in Runcorn earlier this month (May 2014). The Grange School and the car park at St Andrew's Church were two of the venues where a lively ministry was exercised by two Christian youth ministry teams, NOMAD (part of Youth for Christ) and Street 360.

NOMAD brought a purpose-built 10m wide football cage for use in the events, which grew out of the successful Runcorn Life project back in spring.

Runcorn Life involved 14 churches in the town gathering to express confidence in the Christian faith and its ability to transform lives.

And from Monday to Friday (May 12 to 16) NOMAD were based on the Grange School campus. Their ‘cage’ was set up each day and both primary and secondary pupils participated in football competitions.

As well as coaching in football, the youth group team kept busy within the school delivering Religious Education, Physical Education, and Personal and Social Education training. 

Grange assistant headteacher John Burton said: “Staff and students were all very impressed with the team and they made a big contribution to key areas in the school. We would certainly welcome them back in 2015”.

Grange is an ‘all-through’ school – attended by pupils aged from 3 to 16.

Many young people from the local community also participated in two early evening sessions based in St Andrew’s church car park. The week was rounded off with a youth event on the night of Saturday 17 May entitled Ignite and held in St Andrew’s Church.

The Vicar of Grange parish, Runcorn, the Revd Wullie Docherty said: “I want to thank Grange School for being partners with St Andrew’s in this venture. We hope that the young people of the parish and school will benefit from it.”

Pictured top - fun in the car park at St Andrew’s church, Grange

Bottom - team talk before the sporting action begins at Grange School


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