Everyday Faith deanery events conclude

The Everyday Faith events, held across the diocese for parishes from every deanery to attend, have concluded with a final event in Stockport.

Over the course of seven months, hundreds of representatives from parishes in every deanery have come to learn more about how the local church can encourage people to live out their faith in everyday life.

Archdeacon Mike Gilbertson, who chairs the group that organised the events said the turn out from hundreds of people showed just how enthusiastic people are to share their faith in everyday life. 

"A huge thank you to all those that came to the Everyday Faith events and to the venue churches for hosting and welcoming us.

"It's clear from the conversations we had together, and from the feedback after the events, that there is an appetite to live out our faith more readily among the people we meet and in the places we find ourselves in everyday life.

"In particular, many people were struck by the idea that God has gifted each of us with a unique set of people and places in which to witness as followers of Jesus.

"We hope the events were an encouragement to individuals as well as church communities."

The events followed a similar format from one to the other and gave attendees the opportuinity to discuss the different ways in they were able to share their faith and to learn about the eight different "shifts" that can encourage a culture of faith sharing in our churches. 

A couple of videos helped to shape the night and to offer people the chance to reflect. They included an excellent video from the LICC, which you can watch here, as well as a local video that focussed on indivduals in our diocese.

Next steps

The team behind the deanery events is keen to capitalise on the enthisuasm there is in the diocese. 

  • An updated section of the diocesan website lists ideas and resources useful to churches and individuals. 
  • A new Everyday Faith course is in the offing and further details will be made available soon via the E-Bulletin and website. 


Page last updated: Thursday 10th November 2022 2:56 PM
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