Diocesan Synod Elections 2018


We are looking for dedicated and enthusiastic people, clergy and laity, to be members of Diocesan Synod for the next three year term which begins on 1 August 2018.  Synod normally meets twice a year at various locations around the diocese so members need to be prepared to travel to meetings which are held on Saturday mornings. 

If you would like to take part in the government of the diocese please contact your Rural Dean (or your parish clergy who will be able to put you in touch with the Rural Dean) and ask for a nomination form: any lay person who is an actual communicant member of the Church of England of 16 years or upwards and whose name is entered on the electoral roll of any parish in the deanery (and in addition in the case of Chester Deanery is on the community roll of Chester Cathedral) is eligible to stand for Diocesan Synod, as is any cleric who is a member of the deanery synod (as set out in rule 24(2) of the CRR). 

Nomination papers have already been sent out to all Deanery Synod members so if you are not on Deanery Synod but would still like to stand, act quickly to contact your Rural Dean: the closing date for nominations may vary slightly from Deanery to Deanery as each is responsible for its own election management but the suggested closing date is 8 June 2018 so there are only a few weeks in which to act.

Page last updated: 18th May 2018 11:31 AM