Diocesan Environment Forum attend 'The Big One'



Members of the diocesan Environment Forum joined environmental campaigners from across the country, including the former Archbishop of York, to travel down to London for “The Big One” climate protest.

The whole event was spread over four days and faith groups were encouraged to engage with the Friday protest marches and activities. Members began their day in London at a special environmental service in St John’s church in Waterloo, where over 1000 people attended.

The church was full to its capacity of 700, with the remaining 300 people outside. From there, they began their pilgrimage march to Westminster but stopped en route at Shell Oil offices where former Archbishop of York, Lord John Sentamu had planned to deliver a letter asking Shell to cease investing in fossil fuels.

The company refused to accept the letter from the Bishop. His response: “It is the most arrogant experience I’ve ever had. We want simply to deliver a letter. We’re coming in peace. This is the sheer, sheer arrogance of Shell. They think they are the masters of the universe. I’m afraid they have got to change their ways.

“Climate change is the most insidious and brutally indiscriminate force of our time. The people suffering the most have done the least to cause it. That is why continuing to search for new sources of fossil fuels, despite explicit warnings against this from the International Energy Agency, is such an offence against humanity.  If we want to limit climate suffering we have to leave fossil fuels in the ground. The Church has a proud history of standing up against injustice and once again we need to see Christians calling on the Government to take decisive action.”

Arriving at Parliament Square, the faith groups were joined with thousands of others from all directions, which MIke Loach described as, "both inspiring and moving". Members of the Diocesan Environment Forum sang and chanted on behalf of Chester Diocese and met some fantastic characters along the way. 

Chester Diocese Environment Forum meets every other month and anyone is welcome to join. To find out more please email the Revd Mike Loach at mgloach@gmail.com


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