Congregation to nominate favourite Bible verse


The Vicar of Wilmslow Parish Church has asked congregation members to nominate their favourite Bible verse and published a special book as part of the YBible initiative.  The nominations have been accompanied by images and personal stories.

Revd Magdalen Smith, said; “I decided to mirror the YBible idea the Diocese has put together in our own parish really to encourage members of the congregation, in a basically liberal catholic parish, to engage more with the word confidently. So I invited them to submit their favourite Bible verse or passage and to explain why. If they wanted to they could submit a picture as well. Some people really enjoyed this opportunity whilst others were a little reticent, worrying about their ‘choice’. I gave the congregation a few months to send me their texts, gathered all together, chose some images and our Parish Administrator kindly collated all to produce a booklet.”

The parish hopes to have several editions of the book and for it to become an ongoing project.

Magdalen added; “I did this in my ‘Associate Priest’ role in our parish of Wilmslow but in my DDO role I often ask candidates what their favourite Bible passage/verse is and why which can tell me much about each person!”

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Page last updated: 4th Jul 2017 2:43 PM