Community Garden project Offerton July 2014


undefinedSt Alban's church, Offerton, Stockport, has been granted 1,020 funding from the Church Urban Fund (CUF) for the building of a community garden. The garden which will be created in church grounds on Marple Road is intended to be used to teach local people how best to grow healthy food.

As part of the project, people will also be taught how to cook nutritious meals.

The idea for a community garden grew out of the Stockport Food Project, which promoted healthy eating. The project highlighted the lack of space and allotments that the public could use to grow food.

Marie Flint, children’s and family worker at Offerton parish, said: “We’re very excited at this opportunity to work with the local community, doing something good and beneficial for all.

“We at the church intend to get our hands dirty sometime in the next couple of weeks when we will start creating our community garden on a patch of land that is currently just weeds.”

The CUF funding came as part of the Transforming Lives Together initiative, which has an overall aim of tackling poverty and the effects of poverty, such as poor nutrition.

Some six dedicated volunteers from St Alban’s will be joined by friends from a local Methodist church to carry out the work needed to create the garden.

Pictured above, testing the ground for the hard work ahead, parishioners young and old