Apple juice harvest at Dunham Massey


In the era of the supermarket, farms usually have to operate on a large scale in order to survive. But in the heart of Dunham Massey, Alan Hewitt has been successfully running his ten-acre Apple Juice business for several years. Alan, who is the Warden of St Mark, Dunham Massey, attributes much of his success and inspiration to the letters of St Paul, saying: "They always use the words of hopefulness and patience and forbearance and gratefulness. You need all of these to be a good farmer as well as a good Christian.”

Alan was born on the farm in 1943, in a house just yards away from where he processes his apple juice. Now 76, he shows no signs of slowing and has plans to continue growing the Dunham Massey Apple Juice business year on year.

In 2018, the farm produced over 18,000 bottles of juice, with help from his wife Caroline, his son Chris and also his grandson. He says he is grateful for God's help and gives thanks to God for the land and the opportunities it provides him with. Alan holds a rogation service and an apple blossom walk in the spring, and also holds blessing ceremony every January as he looks ahead to the year to come. 

To celebrate the rural communities and all those who work the land, Chester Cathedral has organised a Traditional Plough Service on 12 January 2020. Plough services date back to Medieval times when the village church kept the plough for the community.

At a time when there is an increase in uncertainty for farmers this service invites farmers, their families and their staff to celebrate all that is good about agricultural life and the agricultural community in Cheshire.

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