Additional clergy support groups available


The Diocese of Chester is creating additional clergy support groups which any member of clergy can join.

The confidential groups, made up of six individuals from parishes across the diocese, aim to be a place for clergy to reflect upon life and ministry within an atmosphere of confidentiality and trust.

The announcement of the additional clergy support groups comes following a challenging Christmas.

Head of Counselling, the Revd Peter Mackriell, says that the heavy workload in 2020, a lack of respite, and the winter months can be a recipe for increased levels of stress and anxiety.

Head of Counselling, the Revd Peter Mackriell, talks about the new clergy support groups

If you think you could benefit from joining one of the clergy support groups, contact the Revd Peter Mackriell for an initial conversation. He will place individuals into groups and arrange a time to meet. This will be online initially, but in person once restrictions allow.

Contact the Revd Peter Mackriell via email or mobile:

T: 07918 732806



What is a clergy support group?

A clergy support group is for up to six people who meet for two hours every two months. The style of the group is relatively informal. Membership of the group, as well as the material discussed, remains confidential throughout.

Why do we need clergy support groups?

Many clergy value the opportunity to belong to a group where they can talk through and reflect upon their experiences in their ministry with colleagues who will not judge, but support them in making sense of themselves and their experiences.

What are the benefits of belonging to a clergy support group?

  • To prevent clergy isolation.
  • To offer another area of support.
  • To prevent build-up of clergy stress.
  • To provide opportunities to develop supportive relationships.
  • To provide a forum for sharing ideas and knowledge.
  • To offer a confidential space where clergy may reflect upon work and ministry.
  • To provide a forum where clergy may give and receive feedback.


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