ABY book Sep 2014


undefinedThe Archbishop of York is to launch a book of transformational faith stories which features (among others) the case of Stefan Heathcote – formerly of a church-supported social enterprise based in Macclesfield. In ‘John Sentamu's Hope Stories' the Archbishop introduces the stories of 20 people who've gone through difficult times – including terminal illness or life-changing injuries, bereavement, suicide attempts, debt, rejection by their family, and addictions to drink and to drugs.

The people featured in the book explain how their Christian faith – often only discovered or rediscovered in the very midst of their despair – gave them new hope and the strength to turn their lives around.

‘John Sentamu’s Hope Stories’ will be published by Darton, Longman and Todd (DLT) on Friday 26 September, priced £8.99 in bookshops and available online through Amazon and other sites.

The publication will be launched at St Michael-Le-Belfry’s church, York, on Friday 10 October from1pm to 3pm. The new book is a companion to ‘Faith Stories’ (DLT, 2013).    

One of the contributors to the book will be Stefan Heathcote - a former employee of ‘Cre8’, a charity on the Moss Rose estate in Macclesfield which provides projects and activities for young people and their families. ‘Cre8’ is supported by St Barnabas church.

Stefan had a difficult home life, he was expelled from school and started to deal in drugs.  He got involved in mending bikes at Cre8, and with encouragement and tutoring there he sat and passed his maths and English GCSEs. Through positive mentoring he was able to see other choices, studied farming at college and was later employed as works supervisor at Cre8. He now works full time on a farm and has transformed his life.

The Archbishop has written a personal introduction to each of the 20 transformational stories in the book.


Below, Stephan Heathcote