Worship is at the heart of the Christian life as we respond to all that God has done for us. It lies at the centre of shared lives together and builds us up to go out into the world to build God’s Kingdom.

To support churches across the region, Chester are one of the few Dioceses to have a dedicated Worship and Liturgy Missioner, Revd Andy Stinson. Andy is available to give informal advice and to work alongside parishes in developing worship. He has a broad liturgical background and is a specialist in church music and creative worship.

Diocesan Worship Advisory Group
The Diocesan Worship Advisory Group is a worship and liturgical resource for the Diocese of Chester. The group seeks to be aware of the wide range of Anglican liturgical practice, is able to reflect theologically on worship within a changing cultural and mission context and does so in fellowship and prayer.

Music is a key part of worship in the Church of England. From the heights of the rich choral tradition to the energy of worship bands music lifts the soul and encourages us to sing our praise.

Liturgy defines the shape of our services and the words we use as we worship together. Our shared prayers and traditions help to bind the Church of England together and point us towards God.