Stories & Testimonies

“The funny thing about BCDO? Every time, we take along anyone new,

every time every person wants to come back the next year”


I went to BCDO north and it was the first religious festival I've been to. I was invited by my boyfriends family and I'm glad I got the opportunity to go! It's definitely made me want to get to know God more and get closer to him. Amazing experience, changed my life forever. Lucy

The whole weekend, we laughed, cried, danced and worshiped abandoning any worry, and

embarrassment we praised. Thankyou so much for having this, I will definitely be there again

next year. And my brother who I'd not yet saved wants to come along again too!! Gemma



I was at the North manning the castles and I don't have any religion but I'm considering

becoming a Christian as so many of the people I spoke to and there stories touched me plus I

felt at peace there and I've never had that around so many people I get nervous in small/big

crowds but I never once did at BCDO North. Mark


The funny thing about BCDO? Every time, we take along some new people - and every time

every person wants to come back the next year. One of the highlights of our year always. See

you in 2018, BCDO. Special thanks to Matt Maher and LZ7 for keeping my kids' faith

alive....even during the teen years!! Ginny


Our first visit to BCDO , we traveled 300 miles spent 9 hours traveling via two tow trucks and a taxi but nothing was going to stop us. My husband happily told someone at the begining of the weekend he was an atheist but on Sunday he vanished as he just had to speak to someone, he chatted with creation ministries and the alpha course. BCDO you blew his mind , he could not get over how there was such a feeling of peace, love & unity as well as there being

so many friendly & caring people. you truely have changed his life!! We cant wait to return

next year & he is telling everyone he knows about this amazing festival called the big church

day out !! Lisa


Our youngest two made a commitment of faith at BCDO South and all 5 of us have been

deeply moved and affected by our first Big Church Day Out weekend. We've already booked

for 2018, but are suffering from Post BCDO blues right now! Thank you to all who make it

happen! Sarah




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