National Research

Explore how national research can help you fulfill your mission and ministry. Here are some suggestions for key national research websites and publications you might like to read to help inform your ministry.

Let us know what impact it makes!

The 2015 Talking Jesus research gives a unique and fascinating insight into how our friends and neighbours view us as Christians, what they think about Jesus and how they react when we share Jesus with them. It also told us how often practising Christians are sharing their faith, and how confident they feel when they talk about Jesus.


Youthscape seeks positive transformation in the lives of all young people, and is dedicated to developing innovative and proven ways to address the key contemporary issues young people face – whether social, emotional or spiritual. Their remit as a research centre covers everything relating to young people’s wellbeing, so if it affects young people and the world in which they are living, then they want to hear about it, and tell you about it.


Discipleship Research aims to provide empirical data on Christian faith in the UK. The author, Ruth Perrin, is an academic researcher with over 20 years of experience in church and para-church ministry.


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