Thy Kingdom Come - Resources

These resources will help churches and individuals join in the Thy Kingdom Come Global wave of prayer.


The Thy Kingdom Come website has a range of resource available to help churches and individuals take part. These include resources to help plan church services, set up prayer rooms and for individuals and families to pray.

A range of printed resources are also available through CPO. These include the Novena Prayer Booklet, resource packs for churches, leather prayer bands, invitations and posters.

Ideas for Churches

To help people join in with and be inspired by the Call to Prayer, we have developed a number of creative prayer responses. Three of these are corporate prayer responses which can be used as part of a Sunday service, a small group or as a prayer station in a prayer room.

This video explains how you might use the three creative prayer responses:

The other resource is a prayer card for individuals to use during the week of prayer to pray for individuals, the place they live and our country. This resource is described in this file, while the resource itself is here. To help learn how to fold the prayer card, we have produced this PowerPoint presentation.

This video explains how you might use the individual prayer card:

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