Parish Giving Initiative

How does it work?

The stages which a typical parish Giving Initiative will follow are:

  1. PCC resolve to undertake a Giving Initiative in the parish under the guidance of the Diocesan Christian Giving Missioner.
  2. Appoint a Coordinator and establish a small steering group.
  3. Hold a meeting with the Diocesan Christian Giving Missioner and steering group to plan the initiative.
  4. Diocesan Adviser in Christian Giving to prepare ‘proof’ materials which are printed by the parish.
  5. Teach the 'Theology and Practice of Christian Giving' through: a series of three magazine articles, a presentation on giving at the main Sunday service(s) by a Diocesan Adviser in Christian Giving, two sermons by parochial clergy and Christian giving discussion groups (optional).
  6. Distribute the Giving Initiative literature.
  7. Hold a Thanksgiving Sunday.
  8. Review the results and plan for subsequent years.

What’s it for?

The Parish Giving Initiative aims to:

  • Help church members to a deeper understanding of the principles of Christian giving of money, time and talents.
  • Help church members to see that giving is an essential ingredient of Christian discipleship and a spiritual issue.
  • Help church members to understand why they give and what for, setting before church members their parish's vision for the future and the need for increased giving.
  • Help and encourage church members to think and pray about their giving for the coming year, reflecting upon what scripture teaches. It is not about telling people how much to give.
  • Encourage church members to give through the parish's planned giving scheme.
  • Encourage church members to make their giving, whenever possible, tax-efficient.
  • Encourage those who have thought and prayed about their giving, to offer their decision to God on Thanksgiving Sunday by the making of pledges of time, talents and money.

Download a leaflet that gives further information about Giving Initiatives

For more information contact Martin Smith, Diocesan Christian Giving Missioner.
Tel: 01928 718834 ext 236 or 07889 216596

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