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12,000-mile Service Led by the Sheldon team

The light touch framework is designed to help with unwinding and rediscovering creative vision. There is no formal teaching input and all ingredients are optional so you can choose your own pace and activities as the week unfolds. A chance to recharge batteries, take out dents in the bodywork or test the brakes, perhaps? Morning workshops, afternoon walks. One to one appointments available plus some massage sessions. Thursday evening Eucharist gathers the threads of the week. Run by the Sheldon team and experienced volunteers. We have been running and refining these weeks every year since 1987 - our flagship resources for people in ministry and/or spouses.
• uncluttered timetable • everything optional • workshops • 1:1 sessions • eucharist •

the Sheldon team is assisted by experienced volunteers for this event

This event is exclusively for people in ministry.

6 - 8pm Sun 24th Feb 2019 to 10am Fri 1st Mar 2019

Residential - £500

Making a booking

Strengthen for Service in 2019

A three-day course for worship leaders, both lay and ordained, which provides practical guidance on managing, maintaining and developing parish music. No specific musical expertise is required. This hands-on course will:

  • Give you practical advice on choosing suitable music and materials for worship
  • Help you establish good working practices to continue to plan and manage parish music
  • Provide you with significant biblical and historical insight to further support your learning
  • Give you opportunities for one to one conversation with the course leader 
  • Include learning and worship and in a wide variety of different styles.

North Yorkshire (Wydale Hall) – 21-23 May
Cheshire (Foxhill) – 1-3 October

Strengthen for Service is led by The Revd Helen Bent, RSCM Head of Ministerial Training.
Find out more and book online: www.rscm.org.uk/start-learning/strengthen-for-service

2019 Germinate Leadership Course
For more information and booking details, follow this link  http://germinate.net/training/germinate-leadership/

Artificial Intelligence Conference 11/12 April 2019 at St John’s College, Durham University. This is an opportunity to engage with the latest science and thinking – philosophical, theological and ethical – about Artificial Intelligence. The conference is provided by the Durham University based, Templeton-funded “Equipping Christian Leadership in an age of Science” project. Speakers include Professors Margaret Boden and Robert Song. The conference aims “to both engage, entertain and inform church leaders who don’t normally see themselves as ‘scientists’ and to demonstrate that cutting edge technology is a necessary precursor to an informed engagement with contemporary culture and the big questions informing society, the media and public policy”. It is hoped that those attending will be able to make “some strategic contribution in their own context … as the Church responds to this major issue of our time”.  Please contact David Herbert if you would like to know more details or if you would like to apply for a place. david.herbert@chester.anglican.org

Renaissance Ministry: discerning God’s direction for future ministry
Renaissance is a “mid-ministry” course offered by the north-west dioceses and modelled on the tried and tested format developed by Keith Lamdin of Sarum College. Renaissance is a rich opportunity for clergy to step back from the ebb and flow of parish ministry and make space for both reflection on the past and present and discernment for the next phase of vocation and ministry.  The course is in two parts: February 25-27th and May 13th-15th 2019 and is being held at Whalley Abbey. The course costs would be covered by the CMD allowance.  Please contact David Herbert for further details and/or to book a place. david.herbert@chester.anglican.org

Festival of Preaching September 2019

MA in Digital Theology at Durham University

Bridge Builders

Praxis Northwest

The College of Preachers

Chester Theological Society

Liverpool Cathedral School of Theology

These courses are designed to be accessible to all those who are interested in learning more about their faith, and do not require any proir learning, nor are there any written assignments.

The Anglican Centre, Rome
If you are interested in overseas study a number of courses are available at the the Anglican Centre in Rome. 

The William Temple Foundation 
The University of Chester, Department of Theology and Religious Studies, Centre for Faiths and Public Policy

St John's College Nottingham

University of Oxford Theology Short Courses

Sarum College offers a range of flexible study programmes in theology, ministry and related subjects which fit alongside professional and personal commitments, including four postgraduate study programmes as well as flexible training for ministry (ordained or lay). 

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