Developing a coherent approach to all aspects of the learning CfM provides in order to promote mature Christian discipleship and reflective missional leadership across the Diocese

Our vision is one of enabling the ministry of the whole people of God, whether in specific ministries (ordained and accredited lay ministries) or in the central call of all Christians to live out their faith in the world and the church. We also work to support and develop the ministry of parish churches.

We work in the areas of:

  • Vocation and Selection of Ordinands
  • Women in Ministry
  • Continuing Ministerial Development
  • Spirituality
  • Initial Ministerial Education 
  • Reader Ministry
  • Pastoral Worker Ministry
  • Resourcing Leadership and Discipleship
  • Self-supporting Ministry
  • Ministerial Development Review


The Committee includes a wide range of people working together in support of this vision. The Chair of the Committee is the Revd Dr Ruth Ackroyd, and its main executive officer is the Diocesan Director of Ministry.

The Director of Ministry and Secretary to the Committee for Ministry is the Revd Canon Dr Christopher Burkett who can be contacted at Church House Tel 01928 718834 ext 256 (Mobile 07921 040153) 

Jane Hood is PA to the Director of Ministry and Administrator for IME 4-7, CMD, Headway Leadership course and the Cycle of Prayer. Jane can be contacted at Church House (01928 718834 ext 257) jane.hood@chester.anglican.org

Continuing Ministerial Development Officer
Revd Canon David Herbert  david.herbert@chester.anglican.org  07889 217589 

Director of Studies for Ordinands

Director of Studies for Readers
Revd Liz Shercliff  liz.shercliff@chester.anglican.org  07889 217922

Warden of Readers
Revd Vivien Gisby  vivien.gisby@chester.anglican.org  01928 573798

Diocesan Dean of Women in Ministry
Revd Christine Broad christine.broad@holycrosswoodchurch.uk 0151 678 4825

Warden of Pastoral Workers
Revd Canon Vivien Gisby  vivien.gisby@chester.anglican.org  01928 573798

Director of Studies for Pastoral Workers
Revd Jenny Bridgman jenny.bridgman@chester.anglican.org   07546 304644

Director of Vocations
Revd Canon Sarah Fenby  ddv@chester.anglican.org  01928 718834 ext 238

Assistant DDV
Revd Lorraine Reed  lorraine.reed@chester.anglican.org 01928 718834 ext 238

Peter Bacon  peter.bacon@chester.anglican.org  01928 718834 ext 237

Young Vocations Advisers
Revd Jess Piper jessica.a.piper@outlook.com
Revd Calum Piper calum.piper@chester.anglican.org

Prayer and Christian Spirituality Officer
Revd Graham Green  graham.green@chester.anglican.org  01928 722151

Bishop's Adviser for MDR

Bishop's Officer for Self-Supporting Ordained Ministry
Revd Lyndon Bannon lyndon.bannon@chester.anglican.org


Click here to open - Prioritising Scripture  - a presentation made at the November 2014 Diocesan Synod 

Meeting Notes

Committee for Ministry Meeting 17 May 2017

Committee for Ministry Meeting 12 January 2017

Committee for Ministry Meeting 14 January 2016
Committee for Ministry Meeting 28 April 2016 
Committee for Ministry Meeting 27 September 2016
Committee for Ministry Meeting 22 January 2015
Officers Meeting 28 January 2015
Committee for Ministry Meeting 23 April 2015
Officers Meeting Meeting 29 April 2015
Committee for Ministry Meeting 29 September 2015

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