20 February: Revd Sue Shrine

"Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? And not one of them is forgotten before God."

Luke 12:6


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A reflection from the Revd Sue Shrine, St Barnabas Bredbury 


I think Jesus is expressing how much God cares about seemingly insignificant creatures like sparrows in this verse. Apparently, these tiny birds were not only sold cheaply but were probably sold as four for two pennies with one given free. It reminds me of ‘Buy one get one free’. How often are we tempted to buy more than we need because one is on offer, then find that we don’t need the extra one?

In God’s creation, every creature has value. At St Barnabas’ Church we have beehives in the orchard behind the Church. We all associate bees and beekeeping with honey and beeswax, products that we can use, but the real benefit of bees to the world is the amazing job they do in pollinating our flowers and crops. Bees are key to making the ecosystem work, vital for a healthy environment and human life.

Watching our bees, you can’t help but realise that colonies of bees are a wonderful example of a community living and working together for the common good. Each part of the community valued, set to work, and contributing positively.  Bee numbers have dropped dramatically and if there is a sign that all is not well with the world the bees are an alarm call to all of us.  We cannot all keep bees, but we can all create an environment where bees can flourish. Something as simple as a pot of herbs or wildflowers on an outside windowsill not only looks good but also makes a bee-friendly area, especially if we encourage our neighbours to do it too.

Value the small creatures around us.  Especially value the bees.  They are a model of community cohesion and despite their size vital to our lives.  God rightly cares for the small things

A prayer

Lord help us to be aware of how we live our lives and serve our community. Open our eyes to the needs of our environment and show us how we can make a difference.  Most of all remind us again that if you care for the small things you care deeply for us.  Open our eyes to the small things, the forgotten and the neglected and let us see them as you see them.


Revd Sue Shrine,
St Barnabas Bredbury



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