18 February: Revd Joe Kennedy

"And I brought you into a plentiful land to enjoy its fruits and its good things. But when you came in, you defiled my land and made my heritage an abomination."

Jeremiah 2:7


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A reflection from the Revd Joe Kennedy, St Saviour Oxton and Joint Chair of the Diocesan Environment Forum


My wife, Emily, has given me permission to say here that she has lived with type 1 diabetes for twenty years now. She got diagnosed in the year we were engaged. Emily is also allergic to milk, so we both joke occasionally that ‘a land flowing with milk and honey’ would be wasted on her!  

It wouldn’t, though. A land flowing with milk is one in which the soil is so rich that it can support lots of healthy (and fertile) animals. And a land flowing with honey is one where there is a wealth of flowers, fruit and vegetables for the bees to pollinate. So a land with an abundance of milk and honey is good news for all of us.  

God gave to the Hebrew People a milky honeyed land. And He offers to us all a milky, honeyed, beautiful world. Too often, we respond by corrupting the land, the air, and the waters, and by treating our fellow creatures in outrageously bad ways. Are we not all implicated one way or another? 

Lent is a great time for an examination of conscience. What could you or I be doing better? 

A prayer

Creator God,

We praise and thank you for the milky, honeyed, beautiful world you give to us. Give us also, we pray, contrite spirits and fill us with love for your creation. In Jesus’ name.


Revd Joe Kennedy,



Information point

Eco Church is a prestigious award given to churches that have made significant efforts to care for God’s world. You can register for Eco Church and find out more by following the link.

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Chester Box podcast

In this episode of the Chester Box podcast, the Revd Joe Kennedy talks with other members of the Environment Forum about the Lent campaign and some of the environmental issues we face and how we can play our part in resolving them. Click play to listen. 

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