17 March: Becky Hurst

See, a king will reign in righteousness,
    and princes will rule with justice.

Isaiah 32:1

A reflection from Becky Hurst, Crewe Parishes


Working with Christian Aid for over a decade and with local communities in the past few years, it has always been clear that poor communities and individuals suffer the worst consequences of a disaster. Having few resources to fall back on, the tipping point into crisis is always close. Climate change is no different, we all will and do, feel the effects of a changing climate but communities are already seeing devastating drought, flood and storm destroy their homes, crops, and livelihoods more frequently, and these are the very communities that contribute the least to global greenhouse gas emissions and are often caretakers of the most diverse areas of nature on the planet.

Justice is an active tackling of the systems and structure which destroy the earth and prevent all from enjoying life in all its fullness. Living under the reign of God means seeking justice and righteousness here and now, living as citizens of a community built on love, peace and justice.

A prayer

God of justice,

We pray for all those in positions of power that they may lead with righteousness and justice.
We give thanks to all those working to enable life in all its fullness for everyone.
We pray for those in poverty for continued strength and hope.
We pray for ourselves, that we may take every opportunity to challenge injustice and empower the flourishing of others.


Becky Hurst,
Crewe Parishes



Information Point

Find out about Christian Aid’s climate change campaign here.  Start seeking climate justice across the world

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