15 March: Ven Mike Gilbertson

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away

Matthew 24:35

A reflection from Ven Mike Gilbertson, Archdeacon of Chester


One of the most important elements of the Christian faith for me is hope: a clear-sighted confidence that God has a plan and that he is working his purposes out.

In this verse, Jesus is talking to his disciples about what will happen in the future. There are going to be hard times, such as the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem by the Romans. But through it all, the word of God, including the words of Jesus, will remain completely reliable, and a sure guide.

The Bible sometimes talks about heaven and earth passing away, as Jesus does here. But there are also wonderful promises of a new heaven and a new earth, in which creation is restored to perfection. What I take from this is the overall promise that God will transform this earth. That’s a great hope.

We live in a creation which is beautiful and good, but which is also damaged and in need of God’s transformation. Let that spur us on to care for the world God has made, and to help the healing of our environment where our selfishness has marred it, not least in the whole area of climate change, much on our minds today. And let us do that confident in the good purposes of God, who loves the earth and whose promises never fail.

A prayer

Heavenly Father,

As I look around at the amazing creation you have made, help me to remember your faithfulness. You have great plans for your world, and your word never fails. Help me to live each day in the light of that hope.


Ven Mike Gilbertson,
Archdeacon of Chester



Information Point

If you want to make your voice heard over climate justice then why not take a look at Hope for the future, who have lots of hints about bringing churches and communities together for decisive action

Hope for the Future (hftf.org.uk)


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