06 March: Lynne Spedding

This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvellous in our eyes.

 Psalm 118:23

A reflection from Lynne Spedding, St Michael and All Angels’ Church, Macclesfield


About 12 years ago I took part in a bee-keeping course.  It was a revelation to me – not least as (note my ignorance!) I had at one point to ask the person next to me why the course leader was showing us pictures of wasps.

The course was fascinating: we learned about the changing role of the worker-bee through her life-cycle, the “waggle-dance” by which foragers communicate the location of excellent pasture, and the mysterious “drone congregation area” where the virgin queen goes to mate. So excited was I that I had to share my new-found knowledge with all – interested or not.  The organisation of and relationships within a colony could provide many a sermon.

A few years ago, with financial support from members of our congregation, a colony of bees was purchased for our church roof.  To support them, we also created two raised beds (in our otherwise rather sterile churchyard in the centre of town) and planted these up with bee-friendly flowers. It has been wonderful to see the bees grazing on our recently planted bank of crocuses and raised beds.

These visible signs are just small reminders of the interdependence of all life on our amazing planet – and of our responsibility to celebrate and sustain it.

During this pandemic crisis, so many have found both wonder and solace in the natural world. Could you plant something – a tree, a shrub, a perennial flower – as your own contribution to sustaining God’s creation?

A prayer

Creator God,

May we never lose our sense of wonder at the intricacies of nature.  Help us to play our own small part in sustaining wildlife.


Lynne Spedding,
St Michael and All Angels’ Church, Macclesfield


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