03 March : Revd Anne-Marie Naylor

In his hand are the depths of the earth, the heights of the mountains are his also.  The sea is his, for he made it, and his hands formed the dry land.

Psalm 95:4-5

A reflection from Revd Anne-Marie Naylor - Astbury and Smallwood 


Imagine all the nurturing and creative things which hands do each day.  Hands cooking a meal, hands soothing a distressed child, the potter’s hands, the engineer’s hands… Hands are the part of the body where intention and feelings turn into action, where ideas become reality.  And God’s hands are where his love and desire overflowed to form matter, into a beautiful creation.  There is nothing that hasn’t been brought into being by the touch of God’s hands. 

Sit for a few minutes outside with your hands on the ground, knowing that where you are touching, God’s hands touch too.  That makes the ground holy!

At St Mary’s Astbury we are thinking about our own holy spaces, especially our churchyard.  It is somewhere which is visited often by people who need to feel God’s loving touch.  Could it reflect God’s touch more in the way we care for it?  Perhaps our next extension will be a nature or woodland churchyard, where we will look to bring back wildflowers or bees, and use sustainable materials.

A prayer

Dear Lord

On this journey through Lent renew my vision.  Bless me with awe and wonder at the sheer holiness of creation, that I may touch it lightly and reverently.


Revd Anne-Marie Naylor,
Astbury and Smallwood



Information Point

Looking for inspiration on how to manage your Churchyard effectively – Check out this link to Caring for God’s Acre.

Caring for God's Acre is a charity that specialises in the preservation of wildlife and the heritage of burial grounds, graveyards and cemeteries


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