02 April: Bishop Mark

Then they will begin to say to the mountains, “Fall on us”; and to the hills, “Cover us.” For if they do this when the wood is green, what will happen when it is dry?’

Luke 23:30,31

A reflection from Bishop Mark


I hope that you have found this Lent series helpful… and challenging. I don’t like challenging people, but we do have an urgent task ahead of us. I guess that I don’t need to persuade you that the current human impact on our planet is unsustainable and we need to act now, for our own sake, for the sake of others around the world, and for those yet to be born.

Today is Good Friday. We see with utter clarity just how far God will go to rescue us in love. The Bible will not duck the challenges that it needs to offer us as it invites us to follow him. It faithfully displays warning signs where there is danger. Jesus is talking here about what happens if we reject him, but there is an interesting ecological echo. This starts with an invitation to accept His offer of love and life and then works into every part of life… including the environment. In the beginning, God commissioned human beings to be good stewards of creation. When we ignore our God-given responsibilities in terms of caring for creation, we will face consequences that are not the ones God desires for us. And so He challenges us. He invites us. He warns us. He loves us, and helps us…

… and that last bit is vital, for we are not alone in this. Like you, I am just a beginner here, but in Christ, it’s all about grace, so let’s carry on in Him. Hear the cry of His heart, and let us love afresh as we care for all that He has given.

A prayer

Dear Lord

Thank you for your gifts of life and love. Forgive us when we are careless of the needs of others or the cry of our planet As we love you and seek to love others guide us to be good stewards of all that you have given.


Bishop Mark,
Bishop of Chester



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