Ideas for Collective Worship

There are lots of amazing websites online offering inspiration for assemblies and acts of collective worship. Follow this link to see a few of them. 

Assemblies and Collective Worship for Lent and Easter

Great suggestions from the Chester Schools Team on this website here.

Primary assembly

Primary or Secondary Really nice assembly with a twist! Could also use in church as a family talk.

Support material for Lent and Easter at Barnabas here.

And don’t forget Open the Book and their year-round support. Have a look at this. Is Easter a time you could make a start?

Christmas Assemblies

Lots of ideas for Christmas assemblies are around on the web.

SPCK have lots of lovely ideas for primary schools here and for secondary schools here.

The Salvation Army has primary and secondary ideas here.

And lots of good ones from SU here.

Assemblies for the new school year

As schools start back, we’re all going to be asked to deliver new year assemblies and here are some of the best I’ve got or have come across:

Primary School

Secondary School

And, if you like to use video clips including Sesame Street and Nemo’s first day of school, try

Assembly Resources

If you're a visual learner, a great tool for planning a really good assembly is available here.

If you like words rather than pictures, try this resource for creating a really good assembly.

For websites providing resources for assemblies and collective worship, click here.

Primary Assemblies from Christians in Schools Trust

Christians in Schools Trust is a Christian charity working in the Stockport area to take assemblies, teach lessons and run clubs in primary and secondary schools. To find out more, see

They have very kindly agreed to share some of their excellent primary school assemblies with us. They are suitable for non-church as well as church schools. To see the assemblies, click here.

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