Could your church help Fill the Gap during the holidays?


Transforming Lives Together has released a resource pack to help parishes who want to provide food and fun to children in the school holidays. The resources are part of the Filling the Gap initiative which is aimed at children who rely on free school meals.

The resource pack includes all of the information a parish would need to run the Filling the Gap programme, including activity ideas, meal ideas, permission forms, safeguarding advice and theological reflections. 

Kath Leigh is the Lead Community Builder for Transforming Lives. She says Filling the Gap is making a difference to children in our communities. 

The Revd Margaret Jones, Whaley Bridge, took up the initiative earlier this year. "We agreed that here in Whaley Bridge we wanted to respond to this initiative. It was open to anyone who wanted to come along. Looking at the other things going on for children during the school holidays, we decided to hold five free sessions at Holy Trinity Church, running from 11 am to 1 pm and including a sandwich, crisps and fruit lunch. We waited nervously on our first morning to see whether anyone would turn up. We need not have worried because dead on 11 am the first families started arriving and they kept on coming in. On one occasion, we had 51 children there!"

The Bishop of Stockport has been a keen supporter of the initiative. Earlier this summer, Bishop Libby gave volunteers special plaques as a way of thank you for their help in providing fun and food to children during the school holidays. She says: "The feeding of the 5000 is one of only a handful of stories that feature in all four gospels. Jesus had compassion on the crowd he had been teaching, and lives were transformed as Jesus took the limited resources offered by a small boy and satisfied their hunger. The Filling the Gap initiative is a way in which we can all follow Jesus’ example of compassion including his instruction to feed the hungry. With the Christmas holidays just a few weeks away, I would encourage you to do what you can, with what you have, now. Please download the Filling the Gap resources today and get started.”

Is your church interested in providing fun and food to children during the school holidays? Download the Filling the Gap resource pack and get started today. The Christmas holidays are only weeks away. 

Page last updated: 22nd Oct 2018 8:32 AM