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#GodwithUs this Advent
The Church of England is inviting you to join in celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.
Open '#GodwithUs this Advent'

Pastoral Workers’ Training Day - The Cup of Compassion
Margaret Kitchen, Pastoral Worker at St John’s, High Legh, shares her experience of a training day at Foxhill.
Open 'Pastoral Workers’ Training Day - The Cup of Compassion'

My Path from Chemistry to Theology
Bishop Peter talks about science and religion
Open 'My Path from Chemistry to Theology'

Chester singer wins Chorister of the Year
We are thrilled to announce the winner of BBC Radio 2's Young Chorister of the Year is Ischia Gooda from St Peter's Prestbury.
Open 'Chester singer wins Chorister of the Year'

125 years marked with party and parade
Noctorum Church Lads and Church Girls Brigade recently celebrated 125 years since their founding with a celebratory weekend at Kingswood in Doncaster.
Open '125 years marked with party and parade'

Being a Reader is so important
Allison Whiteley talks about her role as a Reader.
Open 'Being a Reader is so important'

Choir hits 150 years
Chester Cathedral Nave Choir, who are reputedly the longest continuously serving cathedral voluntary choir in the country, will be celebrating 150 years since their founding.
Open 'Choir hits 150 years'

New Warden and Assistant Wardens of Readers Licensed
Bishop Peter has licensed three new officers to support the ministry of readers in the diocese.
Open 'New Warden and Assistant Wardens of Readers Licensed'

Diocesan Synod - Presidential Address
Bishop Peter offers some thoughts upon the life of the Diocese, and wider events.
Open 'Diocesan Synod - Presidential Address'

Speaker's Chaplain visit to Macclesfield
The congregation of St. Paul’s Church, Macclesfield, well-known for its warm hospitality, will not be seeking to emulate the fervid atmosphere on the floor of the House of Commons chamber when they welcome distinguished preacher Revd. Rose Hudson-Wilkin to their Advent Sunday service on December 3rd, 2017.
Open 'Speaker's Chaplain visit to Macclesfield'

St Michael and All Angels Celebrations
St Michael and All Angels Church, Runcorn is celebrating 125 years in the Community this year.
Open 'St Michael and All Angels Celebrations'

Shining a light on adoption
UK adoption agency and children’s charity Adoption Matters are shining a light on adoption.
Open 'Shining a light on adoption'

Readers take up the challenge
Eleven new readers were licensed by Bishop Peter at Chester Cathedral on 21 October
Open 'Readers take up the challenge'

A Church Near You
Earlier this year the national Digital Communications team at Church House in London produced a report on how to get the most from the new A Church Near You.
Open 'A Church Near You'

Friends from Melanesia Visit the Diocese of Chester
We were very pleased to welcome visitors from our link province of Melanesia to the diocese recently.
Open 'Friends from Melanesia Visit the Diocese of Chester'

Victor Whitsey Statement
Joint statement from Archbishop of York and Bishop of Chester
Open 'Victor Whitsey Statement'

Vocation calling reaches ten year high
The number of people entering training to become priests in the Church of England is at the highest level for a decade with women making up more than half the total.
Open 'Vocation calling reaches ten year high'

Face to Face Safeguarding courses
The Church of England has introduced a new modular safeguarding training and development programme for use by Dioceses, Cathedrals and Theological Education Institutions.
Open 'Face to Face Safeguarding courses'

Historic Remembrance-Tide Prayers
Special prayers used just six days after the end of the First World War may be heard once again this year as parish churches commemorate the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice in 1918.
Open 'Historic Remembrance-Tide Prayers'

Transforming lives
On Monday,25th September representatives of fourteen churches gathered for ‘Filling the Gap 2’.
Open 'Transforming lives'

Pastoral Workers welcomed
Jo Whittall, Katy Jones and Wendy Luxon were licensed and admitted as Pastoral Workers by Bishop Libby at Chester Cathedral on September 23rd.
Open 'Pastoral Workers welcomed'

The Church's Response to Modern Slavery
On September 17th people from across Cheshre joined together at Chester Cathedral to sign a pledge statement and pray for those caught up in the tragedy of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking.
Open 'The Church's Response to Modern Slavery'

The Bible in a day
There will be a reading of the ‘whole bible’ In Chester Cathedral on Thursday November 9th
Open 'The Bible in a day'

Bishop Keith Hillsborough award prayers
Bishop Keith has said prayers at the ceremony which gave Freedom of the Borough posthumous awards to the 96 men, women and children who lost their lives at Hillsborough.
Open 'Bishop Keith Hillsborough award prayers'

Melanesia September visit
The Most Revd George Takeli, Archbishop of Melanesia, his wife Mrs June Takeli will be visiting the UK from 14th September to the 6th October.
Open 'Melanesia September visit'

New Director of Education welcomed
Chris Penn, our new Diocesan Director of Education, has been commissioned at Chester Cathedral by Bishop Libby.
Open 'New Director of Education welcomed'

Heritage Open Days in Stockport
Last week end St George's Church, Stockport, opened for two Heritage Open Days.
Open 'Heritage Open Days in Stockport'

Archbishop of York joins in College’s mental health programme
The Archbishop’s visit was part of his ‘Believe in Birkenhead’ mission.
Open 'Archbishop of York joins in College’s mental health programme'

Believe in Birkenhead:
You are invited to the following events...
Open 'Believe in Birkenhead: '

New Chaplain for Stepping Hill Hospital
A new Anglican Chaplain has been licensed to serve at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport.
Open 'New Chaplain for Stepping Hill Hospital'

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