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The Diocese of Chester is pleased to announce: ‘The Journey’
The Journey is specifically designed for young people in school years 7-11, organised and delivered by a dedicated team of experienced youth leaders from across the Diocese of Chester.
Open 'The Diocese of Chester is pleased to announce: ‘The Journey’'

Chester Cathedral Nave Choir wants to sing in your church
As part of its 150th anniversary celebrations, the Nave Choir is planning a year-long tour of the diocese.
Open 'Chester Cathedral Nave Choir wants to sing in your church'

The Big Church Day Out - 50% off
We are delighted that The Big Church Day Out is coming back to the Diocese of Chester this summer.
Open 'The Big Church Day Out - 50% off'

Women’s World Day of Prayer
The Women’s World Day of Prayer movement invites everyone to attend one of many services being held throughout the Diocese on Friday 2nd March with the title “All God’s Creation is Very Good!”
Open 'Women’s World Day of Prayer'

Rural Deans named as new canons
The Bishop of Chester has appointed the Reverend Alison Clare Cox and the Reverend Ronald Edward Iveson.
Open 'Rural Deans named as new canons'

Congo prayer request
Please join us in prayer for our link Diocese
Open 'Congo prayer request'

Bishop Libby invites you to pray for voiceless
Bishop Libby Lane is asking people to join her in praying for those whose voices are often not heard during Lent. 
Open 'Bishop Libby invites you to pray for voiceless'

Lent talks in Stockport
An inventor, a doctor and an accountant are amongst six guest speakers at St Mary’s Stockport this Lent.
Open 'Lent talks in Stockport'

Please pray for our link Dioceses
A few days ago, Lendu massacred about 30 Hema in an area and burnt homes. Hema have now started congregating in Bunia.
Open 'Please pray for our link Dioceses'

Let Your Light Shine takes you on a six week discipleship journey in 2018 through the Gospel of John, exploring what it means to be a witness.
Open '#LiveLent'

Heritage Lottery Fund Awarded
St Mary’s Church, Liscard, a Church of England parish church in Wallasey, has received £35,381 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF)
Open 'Heritage Lottery Fund Awarded'

New Ferry Explosion
Next month it will be a year since the explosion at New Ferry.
Open 'New Ferry Explosion'

Conversations about mental health
One in four people will have some experience of a mental health problem.
Open 'Conversations about mental health'

Pupils to tackle global injustice
Bishop of Stockport welcomes new scheme encouraging pupils to tackle global injustice.
Open 'Pupils to tackle global injustice'

Angels fly in!
St Mary’s Parish church in Eastham on the Wirral ran its Angel Festival from Advent to Epiphany (January 7th).
Open 'Angels fly in!'

New Brighton church grant support
The restoration of St James’ church New Brighton has received another huge boost with a Heritage Lottery Fund grant.
Open 'New Brighton church grant support'

Bi-centenary celebration of St Peter's Church
A special service was held recently to celebrate the bi-centenary of the consecration of St Peter’s in Delamere.
Open 'Bi-centenary celebration of St Peter's Church'

Styal Delivery
Collecting underwear and small size travel toiletries for HMP Styal.
Open 'Styal Delivery'

Explore the story of Narnia for yourself...
From Friday 9th to Sunday 11th February 2018 St Michael's, Bramhall will be holding a Narnia festival.
Open 'Explore the story of Narnia for yourself...'

Archbishop visits Chester to pray for unity
On 21 January 2018, the Archbishop of York is preaching at Chester Cathedral as part of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.
Open 'Archbishop visits Chester to pray for unity'

New Approaches to Bible Reading
26th April 2018 10-3:30pm
Open 'New Approaches to Bible Reading'

Retreat resolution
Why not make a resolution to take a day away from it all or take a full retreat this year?
Open 'Retreat resolution'

ACE Magazine Awards 2018
The Association for Church Editors has launched its annual award to celebrate and recognise the work of church magazine editors and their editorial teams.
Open 'ACE Magazine Awards 2018'

Peacelight for 2018
In late December  St John’s Church, Great Sutton, held a service for the reception of the International Peacelight. 
Open 'Peacelight for 2018'

Ordinands at Christmas
In the week before Christmas, Bishop Peter kindly invited those men and women who are currently studying for their ordination in the next few years to a lunch at Bishop’s House.
Open 'Ordinands at Christmas'

Steve’s podcast on food banks
Steve Burrows has taken part in a podcast about his work with food banks.
Open 'Steve’s podcast on food banks'

University recognises Ruth
After three years of study and having been licensed as a Reader for a year ,Ruth Calcott, from St Hildeburgh’s church in Hoylake, was presented with a very special degree certificate.
Open 'University recognises Ruth'

Decades of musical service recognised
Philip Crookall, of Nantwich, was presented with the Certificate of Special Service in recognition of his contribution to church music.
Open 'Decades of musical service recognised'

Rev Liz Shercliff visits A level group
Rev Liz Shercliff, Director of Studies for Readers, temporarily took on a new teaching role at the University Church of England Academy in Ellesmere Port recently.
Open 'Rev Liz Shercliff visits A level group'

Advent thoughts
As Advent starts the Bishop of Chester asks us to reflect on the mystery at the heart of all our lives…
Open 'Advent thoughts'

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