City is looking for a new saviour

Organisers of Chester City Passion 2022 are recruiting for the major role of Jesus Christ in their forthcoming production.

The organisers of one of Chester’s high-profile cultural events are confident of a return this Easter. Chester City Passion organisers are putting plans in place to deliver the epic piece of theatre on the streets of Chester for the first time in five years. The play tells the story of Jesus Christ’s last few days on earth, including his arrival in Jerusalem on a donkey, the Last Supper, his arrest and trial, and concluding with his crucifixion on the cross.

Told by a cast of community actors, singers and musicians, the City Passion uses many of the unique features of Chester’s historic city centre as a set to tell the story, with the audience finding themselves playing the role of people of Jerusalem, standing close to the dramatic events as they unfold.

The play will once again be directed by Matt Baker, who says: “With obvious caution, I am very excited that we can once again bring this epic story to life on the streets of Chester. It is a spectacular event in which iconic city features such as the Eastgate, the medieval rows, The Cross, the Town Hall steps and the Cathedral join forces with our Town Crier, and our Roman soldiers as major characters in the play.”

This year Matt will be holding auditions in order to fill all the key roles, including that of Jesus Christ.

Matt explains: “Although the play is only performed once, it draws huge numbers of people. I will be looking for people who would like the challenge of playing these iconic roles in an iconic location, travelling through the city streets. The commanding role of Jesus is obviously very significant in the play; we see Jesus arriving through the Eastgate, tearing down the stalls in Jerusalem, sharing his Last Supper with his disciples on The Rows, being arrested by the Romans at The Cross, facing trial on the Town Hall steps and carrying his own cross to his death outside Chester Cathedral.”

Matt will also be looking for community actors to audition for other main roles including Mary, Mary Magdalene, the twelve disciples, the High Priests, Herod, Pontius Pilate and Barabbas.

In addition to the main characters, Matt will be recruiting people of all ages to form a chorus that sings at key moments throughout the story at various locations.

Matt says: “There are several chants and songs which add to the drama of the piece, and I will welcome people of all ages and backgrounds who wish to be part of the story as either a singer, or indeed a musician.” Auditions for all roles in the Chester City Passion will take place at the beginning of March, with an intensive rehearsal period involving weekend and occasional weeknight rehearsals taking place in the following 5 weeks leading up to Good Friday.

Chester City Passion is delivered as a partnership between Theatre in the Quarter, Chester Mystery Plays, Link Up, and Churches Together in Chester.

If anyone wishes to know more about the Chester City Passion, or if they would like to register for the auditions, then please contact

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