Chester Diocese Congo building


We have received pictures of the new hall complex that has recently been completed in the Diocese of Aru (one of our link dioceses in the Congo). Much of the finance came from the funding that the Diocese makes to Aru each year out of parish share.

The hall, which stands close to Aru Cathedral, will be a wonderful multi-purpose facility for mission and will enhance the remarkable ministry of the Diocese in many ways. When the team from Chester visited in July the building was used as the refectory, but at that stage it had no windows and no floor and so it is great to see the place fully finished and ready to be used.

Bishop Ande writes: “Many greetings to you all in Chester Diocese. I want to express our heartfelt gratitude for the wonderful blessing of God through Chester Diocese. You have been empowering the Aru Diocese in different ways by prayers, visits, teachings, pastoral/Episcopal ministries, celebrating together, leaders training, can see the multi-purpose hall completed with your kind gift. It’s now greatly used. To all of you: THANK YOU. God bless.”

Page last updated: 18th Apr 2018 11:44 AM