Called to pastoral care

During a recent Sunday service at Christ Church, Moreton, Pastoral Worker Jane Fisher explained to the congregation what 'pastoral care' is all about. She described pastoral care as the "ministry of listening" that's part of a "network of care" for the community.

Jane describes how she first became aware of a calling to train to become a Pastoral Worker and how, when searching the internet, she discovered that the Diocese of Chester was offering a Pastoral Worker course.

Over the next few months, Jane did a lot of praying, soul searching, and talking to people and finally came to realise what it was God wanted her to do.

The PCC fully supported Jane's decision to apply for the diocesan course so she duly applied and, after a careful selection process, was accepted on it. 

She believes that everyone is a Pastoral Worker in their own way: "Through what I'm learning myself personally, I am growing as a person, showing God's love to people in a genuine way, being there for people."

Jane was licenced as a Pastoral Worker in 2022 and says she has loved every minute of it.

She is currently embarking on further learning and, as a part of that, is undertaking some elements of Reader training.

Pastoral Workers are lay people who exercise a vital ministry in the Church and are licensed to work in a voluntary capacity. The role requires them to contirbute to the fellowship of the church by being in contact with people at significant times in their lives. That usually means involvement in pastoral care and visiting, including contact through baptisms, weddings, bereavements and illness — and in enabling others to work in these areas too. It may also include taking Holy Communion to the sick or housebound.

Listen to Jane talk about pastoral care in this video, beginning at the 18 minute mark. 



Called to Serve

Whoever we are, we each have a unique calling to serve God in our everyday lives. Perhaps you feel called to the workplace, to youth ministry or to be ordained, or perhaps you feel called to be a Pastoral Worker just like Jane? Maybe it’s none of these things, or something new but you’re not quite sure what! Whatever sense of call you are experiencing, help is available to help you discern it. 

If you are interested in exploring God's call on your life, why not conisder attending Called to Serve, a day-long vocations conference. 


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