Curating Spaces of Hope

Date: 12th September 2018

Time: 12:00 - 18:00

Curating Spaces of Hope: Building Capacity for Leadership

Chester Cathedral 

Curating Spaces of Hope: A call to Action. This series comprises three events looks at the themes of leadership, social enterprise and coproduction and how they will shape our action in forming and sustaining Spaces of Hope.

Our first symposium on the 12th September 2018 at Chester Cathedral will inspire us with stories of leadership that are guiding public service reform in the North West. It will explore new sets of shared principles that speak across boundaries within our public square equipping us to embrace our differences and re-connect with our neighbours. It will also provide cutting edge examples of leadership that are currently shaping relationships and practices within our communities.

This conference is for you, if you are working in or care about our changing Health and Wellbeing, the systems that shape it and its relationship with Community Development. This includes, the role of Faith Based Organisations, Housing Associations, Community Organisations and everything in between.

This conference is aslo for you if you are in an academic community that cares about the impact of their research in public life. We know money is especially tight, so we have offered a concessionary rate for you too!

Finally, this conference is for you if you want to be equipped with a pioneering toolkit that will enable us, through a process of reflection and participation, to deliver effective leadership across our places, projects and networks; Curating Spaces of Hope.


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