It is an offence for anyone to kill, injure or capture a bat, or to disturb a colony in any way which is likely to have a negative impact on their continued survival.

You will therefore need to take appropriate, professional advice if you are proposing building work and you should liaise in the first instance with Natural England. Your adviser will guide you on whether the works can be amended so as to avoid committing an offence, or whether it is necessary to apply for a licence. Licences should only be seen as a last resort and cannot be issued where a satisfactory alternative exists for mitigating the impact of the proposed building works on the bats.

Further Information

  • Natural England - information about bat protection and licenses
  • Churchcare - Detailed advice including all the information you will need on the legal position regarding bats, evidence of bat activity and practical options for managing bat populations
  • National Bat Helpline - instant advice on all bat-related issues
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