Are you Called to Serve?


Called to Serve is a great opportunity to come and find out more about how you might serve God and the church. It takes place at Foxhill House and Woodlands on Saturday 26th January 2019. But what if you are uncertain about the day, what it entails and where it might lead? 

Here two people share their reflections on the day and what they experienced: 

James Baird 

It started with a feeling, an urge, a compulsion, something I couldn’t define or put my finger on.

Is it self-driven or is it driven by something else; what to do. I speak to my wife, my friends; they suggest maybe it’s a calling. ‘A calling’ but I don’t have time. Why me? What can I offer and what am I being called to? Then a church leader suggested I look into Called to Serve.

So, I booked myself onto the next one available. I set out to the event at Foxhill. What would it be like with all those strangers? Would they all look at me, judge me?  How would I know to what I was called?

When I arrived, I found my nervousness and concerns misplaced. I entered the lounge to find likeminded questers sipping coffee. They too seemed to be not only looking for answers, but for maybe that one familiar or friendly face in the crowd.

We were all welcomed by a diverse group of leaders - all friendly. A Vicar, a reader, the church army, a monk, a pastoral worker and a young ordinand . The overview of the day was simple and relaxed - starting together then with the option to go to two or three specialised vocational sessions. Like Reader, ordinand, pastoral worker - the choice was ours each led, not by a salesperson with a pitch, but by real people doing the role day to day.

The day was broken up by coffee breaks where the now relaxed questers chatted and interacted with every group leader as well as each other, as God worked the room guiding conversations, inspiring some to action. Nurturing others.

All too quickly the end of the day was upon us. The questers headed home, some with real discernment on their course of action, some having changed from their initial thought to another. Yet others with things still to consider - but all content that the day had been extremely beneficial!The event is free and booking is required. 


Booking is essential for Called to Serve. Book your place now. 


Monica Haworth, Pastoral Worker and Cheshire Agricultural Chaplain

The “Called to Serve” event at Foxhill Retreat Centre, Frodsham, provided me with the opportunity to learn of the different ways in which I could serve the Lord and how the various lay and ordained ministries differed. 

Reader training would give me the skills to lead services, to preach and by exploring the scriptures in depth would enable me to share the good news of the Gospels from a position of knowledge. 

Pastoral Worker training would give me the practical skills to reach out as an intercessor between church and the community. The training involved would enable me to help with baptism, marriage preparation, home or hospital visiting, listening skills and the ability to support those following bereavement. 

I also learnt about two ministries that I knew nothing about. Firstly Street Pastors who are trained volunteers from local churches who engage with people with different perspectives on life wherever they hang out. They work in a team in collaboration with both statutory and voluntary agencies. 

Secondly, I heard about the Church Army that exists both to talk to people about Jesus and to bring them to faith but the Church Army also does extraordinary work of serving the poor in the poorest parts of the country. 
I was called to serve as a Pastoral Worker licensed to the Cheshire Agricultural Chaplaincy and the listening skills I learnt on the course gave me the confidence to set up a group that supports those bereaved by suicide.  

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