A Taste of Harvest


St John’s Church, Hartford has been giving local children the opportunity to think afresh about the things we take for granted in our day-to-day lives.

Over the last couple of weeks children from seven local primary schools and six Cub, Brownie and Beaver groups took part in A Taste of Harvest at which children were encouraged to say ‘thank you’ for God’s provision and to celebrate God’s goodness at harvest time.

They moved between various areas of the church which were decorated under the themes of Harvest of the Garden, Harvest of the Sea, Harvest of the Flock, Harvest of the Earth and Harvest of the Grain. During each session, they enjoyed picking apples, fishing, making woolly sheep, crafting something out of clay and baking bread – which was eaten at the end as part of a simple meal whilst they reflected on what they were most thankful for.

Teresa Nixon, Children's Outreach Worker at St John’s said: “The children came up with some wonderful ideas of what they wanted to thank God for and challenged the adults with some very insightful questions about how exactly God had created the world and a host of other questions that they were keen to know the answers to. The church also opened its doors so that members of the public could see the beautiful displays. Over the two weeks, well over 900 children and 250 adults learnt about the goodness and sustaining love of God for us.”

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