Individuals who wish to make representations to the PCR2 process or who need to come forward with information or make any disclosures regarding church-related abuse are encouraged to make direct contact with the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser.

However, recognising that this may not feel safe for those with a lived experience of abuse from within the Church, a dedicated telephone helpline - 0800 80 20 20 - operated independently from the Church, by the NSPCC, has been set up.



What is PCR2?
Why does it affect my parish?
What do I do when I'm ready to declare?



What is PCR2?

In 2007, the Church of England commissioned a Past Case Review (2007-2009) which sought to look at the Church's handling of safeguarding cases over many years.

report in 2018 into the original PCR revealed shortcomings both in the process and final outcome. As a result, the Church of England announced that all dioceses must complete a second review. 

The Past Case Review 2 (PCR2) is part of the Church's ongoing scrutiny of its handling of past and current safeguarding cases. 

PCR2 in the Diocese of Chester is commissioned by the Church of England. Over the course of 2020, an Independent Reviewer will look at all safeguarding files and files relating to church officers, both lay and ordained, past and present.

All parishes and church settings are required to respond. 

PCR2 Background and Overview
PCR2 Protocol and Practice Guidance
Media release from the Church of England

Why does it affect my parish?

On the 27 January 2020, Bishop Keith wrote to all Incumbents. In his letter, he explained in more detail why the review was taking place and what parishes are required to do.

Bishop Keith wrote: "Please know that I am really grateful for your understanding and cooperation in undertaking this essential work which is helping to ensure that our churches are a safer place for everyone."

PCR2 will affect every parish and church setting in the diocese, and it is being carried out in order to make our churches safer for everyone. 

We recognise the challenge of the task required of our parishes, and support is on hand. You are encouraged to read the resources available and if you require further guidance, please contact the Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor in the first instance. 

E: pauline.butterfield@chester.anglican.org
T: 01928 718834 ext. 221 or 07703 800031

Letter from Bishop Keith
On the 27 January 2020, Bishop Keith, in his capacity as Chair of the Diocesan Safeguarding Advisory Panel and Acting Bishop of Chester, wrote to all Incumbents in the Diocese of Chester. In his letter, he explained in more detail why PCR2 is taking place and what parishes are required to do. 

Q and A for parishes
We recognise that there is a much for parishes to take in and you may have questions about the process and what is required. We have created a Q and A webpage with questions and queries in relation to the PCR2 and the process of sharing information and submitting a declaration. This will be updated as the independent review unfolds. 

Communications resources for parishes
Incumbents are encouraged to share the details of PCR2 openly and transparently with all in the parish. A range of communications resources, including a church poster, parish magazine article, and suggested copy for the parish website, will be made available to you at the link above. 



What to do when you're ready to declare

Once a parish has checked its records for all incidents of concern regarding the behaviour of people within the parish, both non-recent and current, and has ensured that any incidents that potentially still present a risk have been reported to the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser, the parish is required to complete Table 1A and the Declaration Form. The Incumbent, PSO and PCC Secretary are required to sign the Declaration (parishes only) to confirm that they have been consulted and their records checked. 

Download Table 1A and the Parish Declaration - for Incumbents of parishes

Download Table 1A and the Retired Clergy Declaration - for Retired Clergy


Things to remember: 

1. Each parish is required to submit both documents, it is not acceptable to complete one declaration for the whole benefice.
2. All parishes must return a Declaration irrespective of having shared information on Table 1A or not.
3. All parishes must ensure Table 1A and the Declaration have been received by the Independent Reviewer by 28 February.

Send the completed Table 1A and a signed Declaration to:

By email (preferred method)


By post

FAO Suzanne Cottrell,
Independent Reviewer,
Church House,
5500 Daresbury Park,
Warrington WA4 4GE.


Communications resources
Communications resources to help you to communicate the process to your parishioners and church officers.
Open Communications resources

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions regarding the PCR2, the process and the requirements of parishes in the Diocese of Chester.
Open Frequently Asked Questions