Incumbent-designate of Hyde

Applications are invited for the interesting and exciting post of Priest-in-Charge of St. George’s, Hyde, and of St. Thomas, Hyde, with St. John, Godley.  There is general agreement on a proposal to amalgamate these two parishes to form a single parish, and the person who is appointed as Priest-in-Charge of the two parishes will be named in the Pastoral Scheme as Vicar of the new parish.


In 2016 the church of St. John, Godley was closed for public worship, and the parish was merged with the adjoining parish of St. Thomas, Hyde.  Godley was in the open evangelical tradition, while St. Thomas, Hyde has a ‘traditional liberal’ Anglo-Catholic heritage, i.e. relatively traditional in liturgical terms, but accepting of the ordination of women.  Until recently, St. Thomas, Hyde has been under the pastoral care of a retired priest, Canon Peter Hibbert, who was Priest-in-Charge on a SSM basis.  He will continue to be available to assist in the ministry at St. Thomas.

St. George’s has always been the strongest of the parishes in Hyde, and the plan is for the recently re-built St. George’s to become the primary parish church of the new parish, with the Vicar living in the excellent vicarage near to St. George’s.  The population of the new parish will be over 11,000, with a significant Muslim population, concentrated in the historic St. George’s area.

St. George’s CE School is an Aided Primary School with an excellent local reputation, and strong links with the parish.

St. George’s has a curate’s house, and it is hoped that a stipendiary curate will be appointed once the new Vicar is in post.

The affairs, and finances, of St. Thomas will be managed locally by a St. Thomas committee, under the oversight of the new Vicar.

The contribution from St. Thomas’ local funds to the overall parish share payable by the new parish has been agreed to be 8% of the total.  It is anticipated that the new Vicar will take a service at St. Thomas at least once a month.  The local St. Thomas Committee will be responsible for arranging for visiting priests for other services (customarily a Sunday and a well-attended mid-week celebration of Holy Communion), and for meeting any costs which arise.  The St. Thomas Committee will also take full responsibility for the repair and maintenance of the church building.

The Bishop has guaranteed to the people of the St. Thomas-based community that provided they are able to fulfil their obligations as set out above, he will not bring forward proposals for closure.  Equally, the current PCC of St. George’s has been assured that it will not be expected to meet any of the costs associated with these obligations should the St. Thomas community not be able to do so, and in such a situation the Bishop would support a resolution of the PCC for the closure of St. Thomas.

St. Thomas will be a second parish church in the parish, and will therefore elect its own Churchwardens. They will represent the people of St. Thomas on the PCC, although the main responsibilities of the PCC will focus on St. George’s, and the life of the parish as a whole.  There will be one electoral roll for the parish.

Historically, the Rector of St. Mary, Cheadle was patron of St. John, Godley, with the Bishop patron of St. George’s and St. Thomas’s.  The patronage of the new parish will be shared between the Bishop and the Rector of St. Mary, Cheadle.

The new Vicar-designate

A priest is sought who is:

  • In the lively open evangelical tradition.
  • Has a strong commitment to mission and outreach.
  • Is a strong but collaborative leader.
  • Is able to embrace the diversity of churchmanship in the parish which the St. Thomas community represents.
  • Will relate well to St. George’s CE School.
  • Is able to offer civic and public leadership in the town of Hyde.
  • Can relate well to the socially diverse population of the parish, including a growing Muslim presence.
  • Has good pastoral and inter-personal skills.

Further details of the parish

Fact Sheet St. George Hyde

Parish Profile St. George Hyde

Fact Sheet St. Thomas Hyde

Accounts 2016 St Thomas Hyde

APCM report 2017 St George Hyde

Appointment process

Those willing to discuss the post informally are invited to contact the Bishop (The Rt Revd Dr Peter Forster, Bishop’s House, Abbey Square, Chester CH1 2JD.  bpchester@chester.anglican.org Tel:  01244 350864), or the Parish Representatives

(St. George’s: Mrs Carol Richardson Tel: 0161 368 1070, caroldrew@sky.com and Mrs Dorothy Goodwin Tel:  07835 415764, dorothygoodwin@btinternet.com

St. Thomas’:  Mr Andrew Hoyle Tel: 07828 060508 andyhoyle@gmail.com and Mrs Kathryn Bardsley Tel: 07745 564291, kathrynbardsley@hotmail.com)

Application form

Applications should be returned to the Bishop by 26 January 2018

Interviews will be held in Hyde on 6/7 February 2018.