Self Supporting Ministry

Ministers in Secular Employment and Self-Supporting Ministers

The work of most clergy is reasonably easily recognised and understood. There are bishops and other senior clergy, those who work in Cathedrals, chaplains and the majority, the vicars and curates, whose Ministry is to the people of one or more Parishes. These clergy are paid stipends, usually by the Church, to allow them to Minister. There are also clergy, about 10% of the total in this and most Dioceses, who do not fit into this familiar pattern. This group are not paid for their Ministry and their financial support comes either from continuing in a non-ministerial job, or from a pension from previous employment or from other private means. Some of them Minister relatively informally in their work place and in their Parish when time permits and these days prefer to be called Ministers in Secular Employment (MSE); while others work entirely within the Parish system and are called Self-Supporting Ministers (SSM). These clergy have been described using the catch phrase from the advertisement for a particular lager – “they Minister where other Ministries cannot reach!” It is a fascinating form of ordained Ministry which complements traditional Parish Ministry.


For more information, particularly if you are interested in the possibility of, or feel called to, “Non Stipendiary Ministry”, contact the Bishop’s Officer for NSM, Revd Canon Dr Roger Yates. Roger earns his living in medical research and will be pleased to hear from you. Roger Yates is the Bishop’s Officer for Non-Stipendiary Ministry.

Contact details: 13 Racecourse Park Wilmslow SK9 5LU
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