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Equipping you with the tools you need. Develop impressive skills in working with young people

trainingHelping you to communicate the gospel effectively to a new generation!

Training is an important part of the youth office's work with parishes across the Diocese. The youth office uses three regular training activities with other parish-specific, offered by negotiation (see other services).

Church Colleges' Certificate information





Church Colleges' Certificate in Christian Youth Work

"It is an amazing course.  Not only do Mark, Susie and Kat deliver a packed programme but they also journey with you as you unpack your ministry and in some cases yourself!  You also get the opportunity to meet and work with others who are passionate about serving young people. It is a truly awesome experience and I would recommend it to you". Graham Student 2013/14

The Church College's certificate is an opportunity to go deeper in to the world of youth work/ministry. It is an in-depth training opportunity for those working with young people looking to develop their knowledge and practice.

The course is taught over three weekends (one a term) and one module introduction night a term. The three modules studied are;

  • Key Skills
  • Context, Relationships and Leadership
  • Spirituality, Faith Development and Worship

You then have the opportunity to accredit the work and combine your learning and practice through a variety of written work and presentations. The accredited route is a nationally recognised course that consists of three level four modules and can act as a stand alone qualification or an access course to further education.This ground breaking course is now in it's eighth year and is taught in conjunction with the Dioceses of Manchester and Blackburn and is accredited by the University of Chester

If you are interested in developing your skills in this way but are not sure this course is for you and would like an informal chat about the course please email

The Key

The Key - are training sessions for anyone wanting to develop their skills in working with young people. Designed by Youth Officer colleagues in the South West the sessions have been adopted and run by dioceses across England. We are now launching them in our Diocese.

The training is suitable for individuals and whole teams so why not do the trainings as a group and learn together.

*if you would like to host a Key session for your church/deanery then  please email

Anyone Can ...

Anyone can ... a basic introduction to youth work, training session, aimed to inspire, resource and provide ideas for anyone engaging or wanting to engage with young people. The session will be held over an evening or a Saturday morning. Anyone can ... Engage with young people no matter what the age or size of congregation. We want to resource relevant (to the area and parish resources) and sustainable youth work in parishes across the Diocese. We also want to help develop existing youth work and help parishes look at new opportunities.

How? We are inviting parishes to book us in for the morning or evening and we will then run the training and session. This will give you an opportunity to find out ways you can re/engage with young people in your area. The session will give you the knowledge you need to start something in your parish.


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