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Appointing Foundation Governors

Foundation Governors have a vital role in supporting and developing the Christian foundation of the school. Such governors must be regular church attenders as well as having an interest in schools.

Before anyone can be appointed as a governor, they must satisfactorily complete a declaration form which can be downloaded here.

Foundation governors are important members of governing body teams in church schools with a specific responsibility in terms of monitoring and developing the Christian distinctiveness of our church schools as well as a concern for standards.

In Chester Diocese there are three types of foundation governors apart from the ex officio: those appointed by a charitable trust; those elected by the PCC of the attached parish; and those appointed by the Diocesan Board of Education (DBE) generally based on the nomination of the local minister.

This means that the appointment of both PCC and DBE governors is an important responsibility for the local minister and as we provide a pack which can be downloaded here to help understand the needs of governing bodies and the process for the appointment of governing bodies.

Governing Bodies have overall responsibility for schools; in the light of which, those nominating Foundation Governors are asked to consider whether the person nominated:

It may well be that a difficult decision has to be taken when considering appointing a foundation governor for a further term of office if they no longer fulfil the requirements above.

Parochial Church Council (PCC) appointed Foundation Governors

When the Governor’s term of office is due to expire:

Chester Diocesan Board of Education (DBE) appointed Foundation Governors

We take the advice of the ex officio governor with regards to Board of Education appointed Foundation Governors.
When the Governor’s term of office is due to expire:

The ex officio governor may choose to transfer either of these processes to the PCC.

NB The Local Authority will not record the governor’s details until they have received confirmation from the DBE office.


If a foundation governor tenders their resignation it is important that this information is sent to the office so that our records are kept up to date and the Local Authority or clerk  informed.

Foundation Governors are essential to a Church School, it is therefore imperative that there are no foundation governor vacancies. If there are difficulties in filling the posts please contact the DBE office to discuss the situation.

Children at other Schools

If a potential Governor lives within your school’s designated area but has chosen to send his/her child to another school, please consider carefully whether it is appropriate for that person to be nominated as a Foundation Governor of your school.

Members of the same Family

It is not advisable for two members of the same family (or two people living together) to serve on the same Governing Body.

Church Commitment

Foundation Governors are normally expected to be active members of a local church (this does not necessarily have to be the local CofE Church) and have the relevant skills, experience, energy, interest and commitment, to the schools distinctive ethos and values and be prepared to sign the Diocesan Nomination.  A clear commitment to the schools distinctive ethos and values is essential.

Membership of more than one Governing Body

It should be considered carefully whether a person has the time to be a Governor of more than one school.

Foundation governor expectations

As a foundation governor you will be expected to be:

As a governor you will be expected to:

Specific responsibilities
As a foundation governor you will be expected to:

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