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Senior Leaders

Events for senior leaders of Church of England schools

Headteacher Induction

New Headteachers are supported in their ministry in schools by the Diocesan Team. The support is aimed at giving them practical help across a range of issues within a Church school setting, including the local Parish. This induction takes the form of six meetings, one per half term, and new headteachers are strongly encouraged to attend them.

A school visit 
One of the Diocesan team will visit each new headteacher. They will go through the induction process and pick up any particular issues which may then be referred to other appropriate team members. If appropriate, a headteacher mentor will be nominated at this visit. The visit will start off the self evaluation process and SEF input.

All of these meetings are 'tasters' and, depending on the individual school circumstances, can be developed and followed up by appropriate consultants.

We hope that new headteachers will make every effort to attend the meetings and to work with the Diocese in creating a school worthy of its calling.

Deputy Head, Assistant Head and Senior Leader Support Group

These sessions consist of a half day in a Diocesan school. The schools chosen are in a variety of locations and all show very good Church School practice. This is a very worthwhile course which will give lots of practical ideas and support for members.

FREE to Family of Schools members.

For information on other current courses see the latest newsletter.

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Individual Schools – Details about individual schools including inspection reports can be found here. A Google map showing the position of Church of England schools in the Diocese is here.

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