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DBE Services

DBE Services is a company established to support Church schools across six dioceses

DBE Services Ltd is a company wholly owned by the Dioceses of Blackburn, Carlisle, Chester, Liverpool, Manchester and York.

In these dioceses are over 470 aided schools and over 850 Church schools in total. By working together, we will have the ability to enhance provision for these schools, although schools still maintain their link with their own Diocesan Board of Education.

Through DBE Services, aided schools are served by an independent consultant alongside the administrative and financial support we have previously provided for building work. Personnel from other DBEs occasionally are involved in courses and other work because they have the relevant expertise.

A major part of working together is to save us all ‘re-inventing the wheel' and therefore provide more time for new developments.

Any surplus made by the company is returned to the Diocesan Boards of Education and used to further support Church schools. A lot of documentation sent out from Church House includes the heading 'DBE Services' to help identify our collective work across the region. This development supports the work of each DBE rather than replace it.

Total Property Management.

This service provides a one stop total overview package to deal with all servicing requirements of school buildings. If you would like more information, click here.


Voluntary Aided Schools are the only maintained schools in England which are unable to reclaim VAT on every aspect of their educational provision. The governors of VA schools are unable to reclaim VAT on expenditure deemed to be capital.

Most Voluntary Aided Schools pay and reclaim VAT through their Local Authority. For over ten years, for good administrative reasons, some Local Authorities have chosen to apply a definition of capital based on a purchase value (normally anything over £2000) rather than use the correct procedure of assessing each purchase on its merit under 'normal accounting practices'. DBE Services has for many years worked on behalf of schools in encouraging Local Authorities to interpret capital expenditure in the correct way. We are delighted that HMRC have now sought to clarify the position which should allow schools to reclaim some of the VAT that was rightly due to them in the past and ensure that in the future the VAT rules are correctly applied.

VAT4Schools is a new service offered by DBE Services to help schools recover wrongly paid VAT and if you would like more information, please click here.

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Individual Schools – Details about individual schools including inspection reports can be found here. A Google map showing the position of Church of England schools in the Diocese is here.

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