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Support from Church House

The Diocese of Chester can offer advice in a variety of fundraising areas.


Do take a look at the Diocese of Chester website guidance first, as this may answer your funding question- all relevant web links and contact details are below.

  • Social justice (social responsibility) and 'Open 4 Funding' (previously known as GrantNet )- . Tel: 01928 718834 ext: 235. Also for 'Open 4 Funding'-  See the Social Responsibility funding webpage
  • Community Audits. See the 'Transforming Lives' webpage, scroll down to 'Community audits'. The 'Transforming Lives Together' officers can offer advice.
  • Church building and church hall repairs and re-ordering, heritage/arts projects- Emily Allen, Church Buildings Development Officer. Tel: 01928 718834 ext: 268.
  • See the 'Building Projects' section of this Fundraising Guide
  • See the 'Heritage' section of the website, which includes advice on writing Statements of Significance, growing the project team, managing the project and heritage engagement activities.
  • Establishing Friends groups- Martin Smith, Advisor in Christian Giving and Pastoral Reorganisation. Tel: 01928 718834 ext: 236. See the Mission webpage on Friends Schemes


  • Legal advice such as constitution, statistics, fundraising in general - George Colville, Diocesan Secretary. Tel: 01928 718834 ext: 247.


  • Christian giving. As a separate issue to external fundraising, if your parish would like advice and assistance  in connection with encouraging regular giving to the Church, advice and assistance in promoting legacy gifts to the Church or about Web, Text and Mobile Donations, please visit the Diocese of Chester’s webpage on Christian Giving (This page includes relevant contact details).
  • Additional support. In addition to support from the Diocese of Chester, there is a variety of local organisations who may also be able to assist. See the 'Local Support' section of this Fundraising Guide. Also, consider looking to other churches for advice and support.

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