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Begin to fundraise

A good fundraising campaign is based on a clear vision for your church. The focus of the project- whether building work or other church activity, is the difference your project will make to people’s lives, the community, church organisation, heritage, and/or environment. This is godly work – raising more finance means you are able to make a bigger difference to people’s lives and the world around you.

Top Tips:

  • Form a Fundraising working group as a subcommittee on the PCC
  • Produce a ‘Fundraising Strategy’ or ‘Fundraising Plan’. This is because it’s unwise to rely on one type of funding source, such as grants or parishioner giving- a mix of different ways to raise income is essential- grants, public appeals, fundraising events, legacy and so on
  • Base the Fundraising Strategy on a review of what’s worked and what hasn’t and include new ideas. It’s good to research others’ approaches- for example, speaker with other churches who have undertaken a similiar project and look at what's developed in the local area and who's been involved and their approach. Decide what’s the most productive way to raise funds in the short, medium and long term

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