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Worship: Links

There are loads of worship web sites, here are some that we hope you will find particularly useful. These are mainly UK sites but there are a couple of American ones.

Section 1 - The Church of England

Church of England – Common Worship
This site contains all the Common Worship provision: as well as the main services the site also includes the patterns for worship and times and seasons material may be of value for occasional special services, especially those for the wider community or following the agricultural year.

Transforming Worship
This is the web site of the Liturgical Commission and itself has lots of links to useful worship material in terms of texts, musical resources, visual resources, organisations and specialist liturgical matters.

Prayer Book Society
The 1662 Prayer Book is the traditional service book of the Church of England, and it contains the Church's historic beliefs. The Prayer Book Society exists to promote and preserve the use of the Book of Common Prayer. The web site contains guidelines on arranging a Prayer Book Funeral, details of their publications and podcasts.

Praxis is the national official Church of England organisation promoting good practice in worship. Praxis has produced various publication published by Church House Publishing and organised various training events. Praxis divides itself into regional groupings for the organising of much local training. Praxis North-West has representatives from Chester, Liverpool and Manchester Dioceses. 

The Alcuin Club
The Alcuin Club has existed for over 100 years and promotes the study of liturgy and has a wide range of publications.

Grove Worship Booklets
Grove Worship Booklets are produced by GROW (the Group for the Renewal of Worship). Some of these are available as e-books.

Worship Workshop
A brand new web site has been launched for those involved in worship in schools (including assemblies).  Worship Workshop is a project created by the National Society, The Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) and the Liturgical Commission. It  aims to empower and enrich the practice of worship in our schools. Registration is free. There are all sorts of resources on this site including downloadable music and lyric files.

Section 2 - Hymns and Songs

Royal School of Church Music
They provide a wide number of training courses; advice on payment of Church Musicians and a wide variety of other resources - including ‘Sunday by Sunday’ suggestions for hymns.

Oremus Hymnal
This site has words of thousands of hymns, many linked to midi files so that you can hear the tune. There are also lots of suggestions for the Revised Common Lectionary.

Jubilate Group
The web site of the Jubilate Group, many contemporary hymn texts from the likes of Christopher Idle, Michael Saward, Steve James, etc. A subscription has to be paid for full access to the site but it can be searched for free. It includes many liturgical items as well such as Confessions and Thanksgivings.

Resound Worship is a free resource for churches worldwide, providing fresh worship songs containing strong, Biblical lyrics supported by singable, contemporary music.

Out of the Ark
This is a web site for songs and musical items for Primary Schools. There are things of a secular nature but also good material for Christmas, Easter and Harvest. The songs go with CDs of backing tracks and so are particularly useful for small schools.

Worship Downloads
From Kevin Mayhew - a site from which you can download midi or mp3 files or sheet music and more.

Section 3 - Wider Liturgical Resources

Wild Goose Resource Group
The site for resources for the Wild Goose Resource Group (Iona Community). This has details of events as well as musical, text and drama resources

American Reformed Church
This site is for the American Reformed Church and contains many articles from Reformed Worship magazine which includes thought-provoking articles and resources.

Lectionary Library
Contains the ecumenical version of the Revised Common Lectionary (which differs from the C of E one on a few days) and prayers and art that match the readings.

Section 4 - Visual Resources

Igniter Media
An American firm that produce slides and video clips for use in worship. Some will be ‘too American’ but others are very useable. Many clips can be viewed on YouTube if you search for igniter media, but buy the clip from igniter media to get decent quality and also so that you don’t have the ‘ingniter media’ water mark!

They have hundreds of slides that can be used in power-point presentations. They are quite expensive but are of good quality. If you join the e-mailing list then you are notified of special sales. (There are also many other useful clips on YouTube)

Section 5 - Other Resources

Engage This is the site for the Engage organisation, which provides training and resources for those who enjoy a Spring Harvest approach.

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