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Parsonage House - Gas Safety Inspections

The Diocese arranges annual Gas Safety inspections of all parsonage housing.

This is considered good practice by the Diocese as well as being an important legal requirement for landlords.  From January 2013 it was also confirmed that our appointed contractor Home Heat Solutions (HHS) would carry out a boiler service at the same time as the Gas Safety  inspection.  A similar safety check and service would also be carried out on Oil boilers where applicable.

HHS will contact clergy direct with an appointment date and time.
It would be appreciated if every endeavour could be made to keep to the appointment date and time given by HHS. The appointments are strategically planned in Deanery groups by HHS to ensure that the process is as cost effective as possible for the Diocese. Where this is not possible due to work commitments please consider if access can be arranged via a churchwarden or family member before cancelling the appointment.

If access cannot be arranged please ensure that HHS is given as much notice as possible as the Diocese may well be charged for late cancellations.

Your help with this is greatly appreciated.

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